2012 is Finobe's only current public client.

It emulates a version of an old brickbuilding game from 2012.

More clients are planned to be added in the future.



Your antivirus may think 2012 is a Trojan virus.
The client is not a virus. The code is "packed" to help protect it, which may trigger a false positive in your antivirus. We hope to release a fix for the false positive within the coming months.
If your antivirus thinks Finobe is a virus, you'll need to add an exclusion for Finobe in your antivirus so that it will ignore Finobe.
  1. Delete C:\Finobe\2012 (if it exists) to ensure a clean installation
  2. Temporarily disable your antivirus
  3. Install Finobe
  4. Add an exclusion to your antivirus for the C:\Finobe folder
  5. Re-enable your antivirus

What operating systems support 2012?

2012 is only supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

Where's Studio?

2012 Studio is located at C:\Finobe\2012\RobloxApp.exe by default.
The game client is located at C:\Finobe\2012\FiClient.exe by default. The game client is not the same thing as Studio, you cannot create games with it.

I can't launch Finobe through Microsoft Edge.

Finobe cannot launch through Microsoft Edge; please try using Chrome or another browser.