4/20 Event



The 4/20 Event was a mini event that lasted from April 20, 2018 to April 23, 2018. It contained only one prize in-game, and some extra items in the Catalog.

You can still play the game here. However, you cannot earn prizes anymore.

This event was a "joke" event, not really meant to be taken seriously. It was purposely poorly-made, centered around bad memes, and made fun of RBX's RPO event in the process.

The map featured random materials and colors, mostly different shades of green, an obnoxious maze, ridiculous building, lots of traps, and five total keys. Only four keys were required for the prize, though.


This prize was very hard to get. To get it, first you had to go to the wall to the left of the maze entrance, inside a little hole was the copper key. Then go back to the entrance, which is really just two parts with collisions turned off. Navigate to one of the corners of the maze where you can find the copper door that has the jade key in it. There are markers placed all around the maze that indicate that a door is nearby; the markers are parts with motors on them that are colored-coded to the key that they work with. These markers are very useful, because all the doors are disguised as normal walls. All of the copper doors except the one with the jade key in it are traps. Collect the jade key, and find the jade key indicator. The jade door is also a bright ice green. Past the door is a spiral; keep going until you reach the center, then climb the ladder, and use the jade key on the door again. You've made it to the second floor. The second floor is really just a clone of the first floor, except there are no copper doors; all the doors are jade doors, except for the crystal door, and the two fake jade doors. Find the entrance to the maze on the second floor. (remember, it's a clone) Next to the entrance is a jade door which has the second jade key in it, this key only opens two fake jade doors and is unneeded. It's there to waste your time and confuse you. Go through the entrance. Immediately turn left once you reach a long corridor. There's a jade indicator. Use the jade key on the ice green door, and collect the crystal key inside. Go back through the entrance. Forwards from the entrance is a little corridor that turns right, and there's a crystal indicator. Use the crystal key on the ice blue door. The egg is there, and it's flaming. Collect the egg and win the event.

JUST KIDDING! The egg is a trap! You fall very far down into a cave, with a long obby over lava. Turn around before you start the obby. To the left is a little hole in the wall. Jump in it. There's a golden key inside. Collect it, and then take on the obby. Once you've beaten the obby, there's a staircase that goes even further down, to a little room. It has a golden indicator. Use the golden key on the ice orange door. There's the egg. Take it. And be victorious, for you have completed Finobe's best event of all time.

Catalog Items


  • Raymonf originally described it as being the worst event ever, before development began.
  • The game played obnoxious anime music in the background.
  • The egg was broken for a while when the event first released; it wouldn't award to players.
  • The obby could've been made easier, but 2012's physics were meant to add a degree of difficulty.
  • Most of everything extra in the map was just put there to confuse you and/or slow you down.
  • The game was originally going to force first-person mode, but this was scrapped pretty quickly.