Coral Caverns



Coral Caverns was a major event that lasted from August 8, 2018 to August 29, 2018. It contained six total prizes, and some extra items in the Catalog.

You can still play the game here. However, you cannot earn prizes anymore.

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Map Locations

Most of the map takes place in an underwater cave.

  • The beach is the area that you spawn in. It has palm trees, a bar, a sandcastle, and a boardwalk which leads to the cave entrance, where most of the event takes place.
  • The cave entrance is the deep, narrow hole in the rocks at the end of the boardwalk, from which you can enter the cave.
  • The first room is the first area of the map you'll enter. After you swim down the entrance, you'll end up in this room.
  • In the first room is a hole at the back of the room near the top of the cave wall. You can swim up to this hole, and enter another area of the map. This area is the long cave, which goes down in a circle and eventually ends at some iron bars, separating the long cave from the sunken ship.
  • The wet cave is another area accessible through the first room. At the back of the first room is a large hole in the cave wall, from which you can swim through, and then swim upwards, where you will eventually surface into the wet cave. Walk through the cave until you reach a flooded area. You can swim through the flooded area, and eventually to the end of the wet cave, where there is a giant hole underwater, leading to the sunken ship area.
  • The secret room is a room hidden behind a door found at the start of the wet cave. This door is only openable via the lever hidden at the end of the wet cave. The door is set to stay open for 40 seconds at a time. There is an exit inside the room, in case the door closes and traps you inside.
  • The sunken ship area is a pretty large area of the map, accessible through the giant hole at the end of the wet cave. It features a sunken ship, an abundance of underwater plants, and a whole lot of coral. To enter the ship, you must swim through the broken trapdoor on the top. Inside the ship is a small maze.
  • There is a small area of the map in the back of the sunken ship area, accessible through a big hole in the cave wall. The Portal radio easter egg is found here.


All of the prizes have sparkles in the map, to distinguish them as prizes.

  1. Snorkel - A freebie. Pick this up on the pedestal next to spawn.
  2. Bucket of the Sea - Hidden at the bottom of the sunken ship, inside a blue treasure chest.
  3. Tentacles Junior - Spawns both in the first room and underneath the front of the sunken ship. It will quickly swim away from you if you approach it. It covers your screen with ink for ten seconds when you get it.
  4. Poseidon's Rage Back Trident - Found at the end of the long cave.
  5. Blue Headband of Wisdom's Water - Found inside the secret room.
  6. School of Fish - Spawns in the sunken ship area, nearby plants on the cave floor. It has three different spawn locations in the sunken ship area. It spins around in circles.

Catalog Items

Easter Eggs

  • Crab Rave - Near the back right corner of the beach is an area in the wall that you can walk through. Inside this secret room are a bunch of crabs. This is a reference to the Crab Rave music video.
  • Gurt - In the same room with the crabs is Gurt the pig, from The Great Yolktales.
  • Evil Eyes - In the flooded area in the wet cave is a little area that has red eyes glaring out of it. These are the same eyes found in Halloween 2017 and Egg Hunt 2018.
  • Cheese - In the sunken ship area, on top of one of the yellow corals, is a piece of cheese. This has no special significance; it's just a piece of cheese. Just a simple, pointless piece of cheese.
  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? - In the sunken ship area, on the left side of the ship, on the floor, is a pineapple, and a yellow sponge. Do I need to explain more?
  • Portal - In the small cave in the back of the sunken ship area is the radio from Portal. It plays a muffled version of the radio music.


  • Coral Caverns is the first event to utilize a swimming mechanic, which opened many doors for map design. It is also the first event to use Terrain, that being water.
  • Coral Caverns is also the first event to utilize changing background ambience for different areas.
  • The sunken ship is a ship-in-a-bottle situation. If you think about it, there's no way that the ship could get into the cave without some giant opening.
  • The sunken ship was based off of this image.
  • Coral Caverns completely shattered the record for the most concurrent players in a single game, with a record of 116 players. This record has since been beaten.