DiusDiu.png are the main currency used in Finobe.

How to Earn

Dius can be earned in a variety of ways.

Daily Income

You can earn 10 dius every day simply by logging in. You must log in to recieve it, it does not get earned automatically.

Selling Clothing

Unlike Hats and other similar catalog items, any user can upload Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts to the catalog regardless of rank. The minimum price to sell clothing for is 10 Dius. If someone happens to purchase your clothing, you will earn 100% of the amount you sold it for. For example, if you upload a 15 Dius T-Shirt that someone purchases, you would make 15 dius off of the purchase.

Selling Limiteds

Any user can put up their Limiteds onto the Catalog for sale at any price they choose to. Unlike clothing, there is no minimum price, but there is a maximum of 499,800 Dius. Also unlike clothing, you will only make 70% of the price when someone buys your Limited. For example, if you put up a listing for 100 Dius and someone buys your listing, you will only make 70 Dius.

Staff Giving Dius

Staff have the ability to give any user any amount of dius which can be used for giveaways, contest prizes, and more.

How to Spend

Catalog Items

Dius can be used to purchase Hats, Faces, Gears, Heads, Packages, and user-uploaded items, those being Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts. All catalog items except for Shirts, Pants, and T-Shirts, can be free which will cost no dius to purchase. Audio and Models are always free.


Dius can also be spent on Limited listings that are sold by users.

Uploading Clothing

In order to upload any sort of item to the catalog, a fee of 5 Dius is applied.

Uploading Thumbnails

If you want to upload a new thumbnail for one of your Places, you must pay 10 Dius.


  • DiusDiu.png used to be called OwOsOwO.png, and had a different appearance.
  • You used to be able to mine cryptocurrency and exchange hashes for Dius.
  • Diu is actually Cantonese for "F***", and its symbol is the character for Diu.