Events are special Places in which you can earn free prizes in!

When events are released, the prizes are only obtainable for a limited amount of time. Also, a few Catalog items will be released that are related to the event.

Events can be mini events or major events. Major events will usually have a good amount of prizes to obtain in-game and will last for a few weeks. Mini events might not have as many prizes and might only last a week at max.

Most events have video trailers.

All official event Places will have an official "EVENT" indicator in the bottom-right corner of the Place thumbnail to indicate that the Place is currently hosting an ongoing event. An example of this is shown below, in Egg Hunt 2018's thumbnail.


The links below will tell you about past events, and how you would've earned the prizes.

Events are listed in the order that they were released, from oldest (top) to newest (bottom).

List of Events

Finobe Halloween Event 2017


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Finobe Egg Hunt 2018


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4/20 Event


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Finobe 1 Year Anniversary Event


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Coral Caverns


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Finobe Endless Summer Camp Out


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