Finobe 1 Year Anniversary Event



The Finobe 1 Year Anniversary Event was a mini event that lasted from May 12, 2018 to May 18, 2018. It contained only one prize in-game, and some extra items in the Catalog.

You can still play the game here. However, you cannot earn prizes anymore.

The event was created to celebrate Finobe's birthday, which is on May 15.

The map is made of cliffs with a huge pit in the center, from which a giant 3D Finobe logo is being held up in. The words "1 YEAR" is also being held up above the logo. You spawn in front of the logo in a grassy area with trees, a picnic table with cake, a pinata hanging from a tree, statues of Finobe staff, and a giant golden 5/15 above the statues.


Catalog Items

Easter Eggs

  • Event Snippets - To the left and right of the Finobe logo there are little grassy areas, which include snippets of past events. The left side features a snippet from Halloween 2017, and the right side features a snippet from Egg Hunt 2018.
  • Johnny Test - Behind the table with the party hat, behind one of the trees is a decal of Johnny Test.


  • The giant 3D logo being held up is based off of the same thing in this video.
  • CPunch, Freddy C., and 007spudman should've gotten statues, but were unfortunately forgotten about.
  • Finobe has existed before May 15, 2017, but during that time it was in private testing and/or still in development. It was publicly released on May 15, 2017.
  • The event ended at 11:34 PM EST on 5/18/18 with exactly 1000 Place visits.
  • Early event sketch.