Finobe 4/20 Egg Hunt



Finobe 4/20 Egg Hunt was a mini event that lasted from April 20, 2019 to April 21, 2019. It contained three prizes in-game, along with an extra item in the Catalog.

You can still play the game here. However, you cannot earn prizes anymore.

This event was another "joke" event, similar to 2018's 4/20 Event. Just like last year's event, it was purposely poorly-made and centered around bad memes.

The map was a free-modeled Fortnite map with giant signs everywhere, reading things like "weed" or "FORTNITE".


  • Fortnite Egg of Victory Royale - An egg with the Fortnite logo all over it. It would randomly fall from the sky.
  • GIVE ME YOUR EGG - An egg that looks like Steve from Minecraft. It would randomly fall from the sky.
  • Weed Faberge Egg - A Faberge egg with a weed texture. It would randomly fall from the sky. This egg was rare.

Catalog Items


  • This event was the first event to be in a 2016 game.
  • The game played Fortnite Battle Royale music in the background.
  • The game recycled scripts from Egg Hunt 2018.