Finobe Egg Hunt 2018



Finobe Egg Hunt 2018 was a major event that lasted from March 23, 2018 to April 10, 2018. It contained 26 total prizes, and some extra items in the Catalog.

You can still play the game here. However, you cannot earn prizes anymore.

Watch the event trailer!

Map Locations

  • The park is the area with lots of trees and grass on the mainland, nearby the mountain and graveyard.
  • The mountain is the giant mountain at the park. To get onto it, you climb onto the cliffs at the construction site and walk all the way to the mountain along the cliffs. You can also use the "graveyard method", which involves jumping from the mausoleum in the graveyard. This was an unintended feature, but it was left in anyway.
  • The subterranean cave is the cave on the mountain near the peak.
  • The graveyard is the graveyard at the park. The mountain goes inward where the graveyard is at.
  • The spider cave is the cave next to the mountain, in the park, nearby spawn.
  • The spawn is the little area that connects the town and the park.
  • The town is the area where road first appears closest to spawn, and contains houses that belong to certain Finobe staff.
  • The city is the area across the river from the town, and contains lots of tall buildings.
  • The construction site is the area in the corner of the city, nearby FASA, that is under construction. Some of the cliffs there have crumbled and you can climb up the rocks to reach the cliffs.
  • FASA is the scientific building in a little area at one of the cliff-walls in the city. You can take a spaceship to the Moon there.
  • The Moon is literally the Moon. It's not connected to the main map at all, and you must take the spaceship at FASA to get to it. The Moon's gravity is about 6 times less than the gravity on Earth. If you are wearing hats, you will weigh heavier, and might not be affected by the Moon's gravity.
  • The beach is the beach next to the city. There's a dock there, with two boats.
  • The island is the tropical island in the water. There's tons of plant-growth, a pirate flag, and a volcano that's about to explode. It is possible to walk there, but taking a boat off the beach's dock is much faster.


The higher the rarity value, the more common. All eggs that only have one single spawn point have a rarity of 30, unless they require other tasks that regenerate every few minutes.

Daytime starts at 06:30:00 and nighttime starts at 18:20:00.

There are a total of 26 eggs; 23 normal eggs and 3 Fabergé eggs.

  1. Stationary Egg of Boring - Spawns in the park, at spawn, in the town, in the city, and on the beach. This egg is the most common randomly-spawning egg. Rarity: 10
  2. Chocolate Egg - Spawns in the park, at spawn, and in the town. Rarity: 2.25
  3. Eggrachnophobia - Spawns inside the spider cave. Upon touching the egg, it will fall apart and will unleash a fury of deadly spiders after you. They'll despawn, don't worry. Rarity: 0.75
  4. Wanwood Egg of ZOMG! - Spawns in the park. Rarity: 2
  5. Tabby Egg - Spawns in the park. It will roll away from you if you approach it. Rarity: 1.5
  6. Cracked Egg of Pwnage - Spawns in the park, at spawn, in the town, in the city, and on the beach. It will appear as a normal egg, but if you "stomp" on it, it will crack and explode, "pwning" you. (aka killing you) Rarity: 1.5
  7. Builderman Egg - Spawns on top of the unfinished building in the construction site. Rarity: 30
  8. Egg of Golden Riches - Spawns inside the vault inside the bank. Don't get fried by the lasers. Rarity: 30
  9. Office Professional Egg - Spawns inside buildings in the city. Rarity: 2
  10. Supersonic Egg - Spawns in front of FASA and spawns at rocket's house. It will fly away from you if you approach it. Rarity: 1
  11. Ethereal Ghost Egg - Spawns in the graveyard. It can float and will slowly drift away from you if you approach it. Rarity: 1
  12. Egg of Epic Growth - Spawns on the island. This can be difficult to find, as it hides within the bushes and all the epic growth there. Rarity: 0.5
  13. Eggcano - Spawns on the second black rock in the lava inside the volcano. Don't get cooked by the lava. Rarity: 30
  14. Treasure Eggland - Spawns on the island, buried in the sand. There's a treasure map by the brown stairs that separate the beach from the city. You can use that to help you find the treasure. The sand pit is pretty easy to find. Pick up the shovel next to it and start digging. The sand will regenerate every three minutes. Rarity: no set rarity value. Will always respawn every 180 seconds, or 3 minutes.
  15. Subterranean Egg - Spawns in the subterranean cave. Rarity: 1
  16. Unassuming Egg of Shyness - Spawns in the subterranean cave, attached to magnetic rocks. Only two of the rocks can be reached by jumping from the floor, so for the rest you'll need help from someone else. Rarity: 1
  17. Frostbitten Egg - Spawns on the peak of the mountain. Rarity: 1
  18. The Cloud Egg - Spawns on the highest cloud above the mountain. Use the other clouds to jump up to it. Rarity: 30
  19. POW! To the Moon! Egg - Spawns above the moon and will fall down onto it like a meteor. It has low gravity, too. You probably won't notice it as it'll most likely already be on the ground. Rarity: 2
  20. Egg of Equinox: Day - Spawns in the park, at spawn, in the town, in the city, and on the beach. It will only spawn during daytime, and all eggs will despawn at night. Rarity: 10
  21. Egg of Equinox: Night - Spawns in the park, at spawn, in the town, in the city, and on the beach. It will only spawn during nighttime, and all eggs will despawn in the morning. Rarity: 10
  22. Puzzling Egg of Enigma - Spawns in the puzzle room. Go to the library. One of the books looks different than the rest. Pick up this book. Now, on the counter, there's a tiny Chess piece. Pick that up. Now, go to the island. You might find an old mysterious poster nailed to a tree with a picture of the egg on it. This hints that the egg is accessible through this island. Go forwards from the poster, and turn left a little bit. There's a mysterious object hidden in a bush... and it's texture is missing. Pick up the object and head to the back of the volcano. Surprise! There's a secret wall that's missing its texture. Use the object to enter through the wall. You're in a weird glitchy hallway that's missing all its textures. Keep going forwards after you enter. There's another wall. Use the Chess piece on the wall. Now you're in the grand Chess room, the puzzle room, whatever you wanna call it. You see the egg, but you cannot obtain it unless you beat it in a game of Chess. You just have to complete the final move to win the game. Check the book you got from the library. It says, "Try nf6." Say "nf6" aloud in the chat without the quotes. You've beaten the egg (no pun intended). The chessboard will clear. Step fourth and take the egg. Rarity: no set rarity value. Will always respawn every 300 seconds, or 5 minutes.
  23. Green Fabergé Egg - Spawns in the park, on the mountain, in the subterranean cave, in the graveyard, in the spider cave, at spawn, in the town, in the city, at the construction site, at FASA, on the moon, at the beach, and on the island. Basically, anywhere that any normal-spawning egg can spawn. This egg is extremely rare. Rarity: 0.12
  24. Aqua Fabergé Egg of Never-ending Winter - Spawns in the park, on the mountain, in the subterranean cave, in the graveyard, in the spider cave, at spawn, in the town, in the city, at the construction site, at FASA, on the moon, at the beach, and on the island. Basically, anywhere that any normal-spawning egg can spawn. This egg is extremely rare. Rarity: 0.11
  25. Azurewrath Fabergé Egg - Spawns in the park, on the mountain, in the subterranean cave, in the graveyard, in the spider cave, at spawn, in the town, in the city, at the construction site, at FASA, on the moon, at the beach, and on the island. Basically, anywhere that any normal-spawning egg can spawn. This egg is the rarest randomly-spawning egg. Rarity: 0.1
  26. Finobe Egg - Spawns in the Finobe room. The most legendary egg of them all. At the back of the graveyard, there's a wall that you can walk through. Inside this secret room is a fragment (a violet egg). Pick up the fragment. The philosophic skeleton man in the room hints at you to find the library. Go to the library in the city. In the back, there's a door with a violet egg on it. Use the egg fragment to open the door. inside this secret room is a criminal, who really doesn't want you in there. He tells you to take the triangular fragment that he's holding, for he doesn't want it and can't get rid of it. He hints at you that maybe that "old guy" wants it. Go to the spider cave. There's a door with a triangular indent in it. Your triangular fragment fits perfectly in it! Use it to open the door. Inside this secret room is a busy, elderly wizard. He congratulates you for venturing this far and gives you a red letter 'F' fragment. He hints at you to check out the waterfall. Go to the waterfall, which is next to the graveyard. You can go inside the waterfall. Inside this secret room is a door, with a Finobe logo indent in it. the letter 'F' fragment fits perfectly in it. Use it to open the door. Inside this secret room is a pedestal that holds the legendary egg, with the ghosts of Finobe staff watching over it. Grab the egg! Rarity: 30

Catalog Items

Easter Eggs

  • Stormer's Basement - Inside Stormer's house, on the bottom floor, is a tiny part of the floor that you can fall through. Inside is a mineshaft. There are no eggs here.
  • Kirby PSG - In the park, if you were to pass the graveyard, waterfall, and river, and kept going, you'd fall into the water. Thankfully there's a cliff preventing this. If you climb onto the cliff, you can fall down and continue going, however, you can find a secret image that Woodman added. The image is facing away from the map, so make sure to turn around and face the map so that you can see it. Eggs don't spawn in the sea, either.
  • Evil Eyes - At the beach, if you are facing the city, go to the left side. Somewhere on the left side cliffs are red eyes. These are the same eyes found in the front of the house in Halloween 2017.
  • Felix the Cat - In the puzzle room, after you have cleared the chessboard, go in the back-right-corner hole in the wall. Go in first person and try to look back in the room. You'll see a picture of a puzzled Felix the Cat. This is a reference to the egg and rocket's profile picture.
  • Portal - Behind the fence to the left of FASA is a Companion Cube, and a scientist standing by it. No, eggs cannot spawn behind FASA.


Eggs are in the same order as the Eggs guide above.


  • You can click on the TV in Stormer's house to change the channel.
  • There is a cog on the wall in rocket's house. This is a reference to rocket's building server, Rotorium. This cog is Rotorium's official logo.
  • The Finobe logo in Woodman's house is purely decorative. Some players thought it had to do with the Finobe Egg, but it doesn't.
  • There is a meep in Raymonf's house, referencing the game MeepCity. The meep looks like Raymonf.
  • The design for the city's layout was inspired off of RBX Egg Hunt 2016, and the buildings were inspired off of RBX Egg Hunt 2013.
  • FASA, The Finobe Aeronautics and Space Administration, is a parody of NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • The map for the Moon is the same map used in the game Mission to the Moon.
  • The Finobe Egg was inspired off of both the EBR Egg and the RBX Egg from RBX Egg Hunt 2017.
  • muramasu is the only house owner that isn't a Finobe staff member.
  • Users who helped with the egg hunt were rewarded their own houses in the town. A few of them decorated their houses.
  • The ghosts in the Finobe Egg room are simple versions of the avatars of the house owners.
  • The description of the Unassuming Egg of Shyness reads, "It lacks self-confidence. It's also magnetic for mysterious reasons..." It's shy and magnetic, so it's hiding by attaching itself to magnetic rocks up on the walls.
  • Sometimes eggs can spawn on top of the cliffs.
  • Sometimes eggs can spawn stacked on top of each other.
  • The whole giant mainland is nicknamed "Easter Island" by rocket.
  • The moai on top of the mountain is a reference to Egg Hunt 2013 and a reference to the real-life Easter Island.
  • The boats are actually cars. See this image.
  • A boat can seat one extra person in the back.
  • Work on the map started December 28, 2017.
  • When the egg hunt first opened, there were many bugs. Bugs were posted here.
  • Eggs can spawn in Egg's house.
  • And any other house in the town.
  • Puzzling Egg of Enigma's quest was changed during late development of the egg hunt. It originally had you collect a Mysterious Box, which was located much closer to the poster on the tree. After that, you had to go to the right side of the volcano, not the back side, and enter through a purple door. Walk through the short hallway, and at the end would be the egg, sitting in front of the same Felix the Cat easter egg. The original Mysterious Box icon.
  • The poster on the tree on the island originally said "WANTED" during early development, but was later updated to say "???". The original poster.
  • The puzzle room was based off of this image.
  • The "corrupt" title of the missing texture object is actually a jumbled-up "PuzzlingEggofEnigma1532386". The numbers are the ID of the hat.
  • When you spawn, you have an Easter Basket item in your inventory which you can use to view all the eggs you can find, in an "Egglist". This is based off of the Easter Basket in RBX Egg Hunt 2012. The "Egglist" part is a reference to the Egglist in RBX Egg Hunt 2017.
  • rocket hinted once or twice that there might be a secret last 27th egg. This became true in the 4/20 Event, with the Arborist's Verdant Egg of Leafyness. The egg was very hard to get, and it has smoke particles.
  • During development, there was a secret egg testing room. This is where it was located.
  • The wizard's name is Merlin.
  • The poses of the criminal and the wizard NPCs are based off of R15 animation packs, the wizard is imitating Mage Idle and the criminal is imitating Sneaky Idle. The Sneaky Animation Pack has not come out yet, but was leaked a long time ago.
  • The secret room behind the graveyard for the Finobe Egg quest is a reference to the secret room in World of Tomorrow in RBX Egg Hunt 2017 for the EBR Egg quest. One of the skeleton man's dialogue messages says, "Oh, hello there, stranger, friend, foe? Who are- ...Wait a second. Have we met before? Do you know? Do I know?" This dialogue is referencing you talking to the same skeleton man back in RBX Egg Hunt 2017, and him recognizing you.
  • All of the eggs in the Catalog are off-sale, but they all have a price of 10,000 Dius, except for Green Faberge Egg, Treasure Eggland, Frostbitten Egg, Wanwood Egg of ZOMG!, Supersonic Egg, Eggcano, and Aqua Faberge Egg of Never-ending Winter, which all have a price of 0 Dius.
  • The event contained 26 prizes (not counting the Arborist's Verdant Egg of Leafyness), making it have the most prizes out of all events.
  • The event's Place once held the record for the most Place visits on Finobe.
  • The egg hunt ended on April 10, 2018 at 10:51 PM EST.
  • On April 10, 2018 at 10:51 PM EST, the volcano exploded and wiped out the entire map.