Finobe Endless Summer Camp Out



The Finobe Endless Summer Camp Out was a special mini event that lasted for only 12 hours! It lasted from September 8, 2018, to September 9, 2018. It contained three total prizes, and some extra items in the Catalog.

The game was playable here.

Watch the event trailer!

The event was created to officially end off summer.

The map takes place at a campsite in the woods, named Camp Finobe. The map features a road, tents, campfires, a stage, a pond, some rocks, a statue, and a lot of trees.

Aside from earning hats, the map was a place to hang out with Finobe staff. Staff could launch off fireworks and Adurite Bucket prizes, and play music.


  1. Camp Finobe - Spawns randomly around the map.
  2. Marshmallow Head - Sit by the fire for three minutes. Your head will slowly grow into a marshmallow and explode, awarding you the hat.
  3. Adurite Bucket - Launched out of cannons on the stage by Finobe staff.

Catalog Items

Easter Eggs

  • UH2 - In the very upper-left corner of the map is a giant Unregistered HyperCam 2 watermark label.
  • Dark Gary - On the back of the pink tent is an image of Dark Gary.
  • Evil Eyes - In some areas of the map, red eyes can be seen glaring out at you. These are the same eyes found in Halloween 2017, Egg Hunt 2018, and Coral Caverns. Interestingly, this event contains a total of five evil eyes easter eggs, compared to the one evil eyes easter egg found in the other events.
    • Evil Eyes 1 - There is a hole with red eyes glaring out of it on the side of the rocks that form the waterfall.
    • Evil Eyes 2 - At the far right side of the map, near the road, is a tree, with a hole in its trunk. Red eyes are glaring out of the hole.
    • Evil Eyes 3 - Behind the statue, one of the trees nearby it has a hole in its leaves, with red eyes glaring out of it.
    • Evil Eyes 4 - At the back of the stage, there is a hole in the rocks, with red eyes glaring out of it.
    • Evil Eyes 5 - At the far left corner of the map, past the road, red eyes can be found glaring at you in the distance, behind the invisible map barrier.


  • When the event first launched, for about an hour or two, the Camp Finobe hat was extremely rare for some reason. This was eventually fixed, and the hat became very common afterwards.
  • The event was supposed to start at 8:00 PM EST on September 8, 2018, and end at 8:00 AM EST on September 9, 2018, but due to a delay, the event started at 10:12 PM EST on September 8, 2018, and ended at 11:40 AM EST on September 9, 2018.
  • The Evil Eyes easter egg is a reoccurring easter egg that could be found in only one place in Halloween 2017, Egg Hunt 2018, and Coral Caverns. This event featured the easter egg as well, but instead of only one being in the map, there were five.
  • The event was based off of the same event from 2015.
  • The font used for the event was Martian Signpost.
  • The Endless Summer Camp Out broke the record for the most concurrent players in a single game, with a record of 132 players. The previous record was held by Coral Caverns, with 116 concurrent players.