The Finobe forums are a way to communicate with others. You can create new topics and reply to other users' posts. You can also upvote or downvote posts.

Staff members can lock, delete, pin, and sticky posts.

  • If a post is locked, it means that no new replies can be created.
  • Deleting is self-explanatory. The post will not exist anymore.
  • If a post is pinned, it will appear at the top of the category it was pinned in.
  • If a post is stickied, it will appear to the side of the new topic page if the category it was stickied in is selected. Replies to a post can also be stickied; they will always appear as the first reply underneath the original post.


There are nine categories on the forum, eight of which you can create new topics in.


See the latest news about F* here!
This category is used by staff members to post announcements related to Finobe. You cannot create new topics here, but you can still reply to them.


Discuss anything relevant to F* here.
This is the main category, where you can post about pretty much anything about Finobe.


Suggest stuff for Finobe here.
This category is used for posting suggestions of things to add or change about Finobe.

Off Topic

This category is used for posting anything not related to Finobe.


Get support for the Finobe client/server here. Spam = ban.
This category is used for help with Finobe-related things. If you have a problem, you can ask for help for here. You can also try to help other people with their issues.


This section is for politics and other events in the world. Spam = ban. For real this time.
This category is used for politics and other serious topics.

Harmonia (Português)

Apenas Português é permitido nesta seção. Infratores serão banidos. Only Portuguese is allowed in this section. Offenders will be banned. kkkkkkkkkkk
This is a special category in which only Portuguese is allowed.

Trade Discussion

Post your trade deals and "trade with me" posts here. That means not in general or any other section.
This category is used for topics related to trading and the Finobe economy.

да (Русский)

Only Russian is allowed in this section. Offenders will be banned. хахахахахаха
This is a special category in which only Russian is allowed.