Some items on the Catalog have a Limited status, meaning that you can sell or trade them with other users to make a profit.

When you sell a Limited item and someone purchases it, you earn 80% of the Dius that you originally sold it at.

On a Limited item's Catalog page, there is a graph that shows how the selling price of the item has fluctuated over time.

You can sell a Limited by going to your Character page and finding the Limited there. There should be a dropdown button next to the Limited from which you can sell the item.

You can trade Limiteds by visiting someone's profile and clicking the trade button. For more info on trading, see the main article.

Limiteds and Uniques

There are two types of Limiteds: Normal Limiteds and Uniques.

Normal Limiteds have a set timer when they are released on the Catalog, during which infinite copies, or stock, of the item are available for purchase. When the timer runs out, no more new copies are able to be purchased, and you can sell the item for a price of your choice if you own any copies. Rarely, but sometimes, old non-Limited items on the Catalog are made Limited.

Uniques have a set amount of copies available when they are released on the Catalog, and once all the copies are sold, you can sell the item for a price of your choice if you own any copies. Each copy of a Unique also comes with a serial number, which indicates which specific copy of the item was sold.


  • The first limited on the catalog is Telamon's Chicken Suit, and is still one of the most expensive Limiteds out there.
  • 8-Bit Clockwork Shades is currently the Limited with the highest stock, with 50,000 on sale for 150 Dius each. It won't run out of stock for a LONG time.
  • At one point in time, the "10/10/10" event happened, in which whimee released 10 Uniques for 10 Dius each, with 10 stock.