Places are the main way of creating and playing games on Finobe.

Places were released in early March of 2018. Prior to them, people had to host servers off of their own computer and memory.

Places are games that you don't host yourself. Essentially, they are dedicated servers. When a user tries to join a Place, a new server is automatically started if none are already running, and the user is put into that server. If the server gets full, and someone else tries to join, another server will be created for that Place.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about Places.

Creating Places

To create a place, click the + Create button at the top of the site, and choose Place.

You can create up to two Places. Some users can create more than two if they have the permissions to.


You can then add info about your Place.

You cannot delete Places, but you can edit/overwrite them. See below for more info on editing places.

Editing Places

Click the grey gear icon to the right of your Place when you are viewing it if you wish to edit the info again.

You can edit the title, description, set it as active/inactive, change the thumbnail, reset the map to a select template, change the allowed Gear types, chat type, category, and max players per server.

If a Place is inactive, it cannot be played or viewed.

To edit the game for your Place, open Finobe Studio, and load the map you wish to choose for your Place.

Finobe Studio is located at C:\Finobe\2012\RobloxApp.exe by default.

If your map is unable to load in Finobe Studio, you may need to convert it. See below for info on converting maps.

When you are finished editing the map, go to File > Publish > and select the Place you wish to update.

If you want to edit the map that is currently published to your game, click download place file and load the newly downloaded map in Studio. Follow the same steps as above.


Custom Thumbnails

If you would like a custom thumbnail for your Place instead of the normal automatically-generated one, go to the editing page, and click Manage Thumbnail underneath your Place's name at the top of the page.

Manage thumbnail.png

You'll be taken to the thumbnail settings page. You can upload a new thumbnail by clicking Choose File, then submit.

It costs 10 Dius to upload a new thumbnail.

If your Place does not have a custom thumbnail, there will be a re-render thumbnail button if you want to refresh the automatically-generated thumbnail that your Place is using.

If your place does have a custom thumbnail, there will be a delete custom thumbnail button instead, since you cannot refresh custom thumbnails.


Converting Maps

Main article: Converting Maps