The Toolbox is a feature in Finobe Studio. With it, you can find and insert models into your game.

Viewing the Toolbox

You can easily show/hide the Toolbox by clicking the Toolbox icon in Studio.
You can also use View > Toolbox if you want.

If the Toolbox does not load, press F5 on your keyboard to reload it.

Official Sets

There is an Official Sets tab in the Toolbox. It is the default tab when you open the Toolbox. It contains special official sets for Finobe.

There is currently only one official set, Game Stuff, and it only contains one model.

Currently, there is no way for users to create their own sets.


The other tab in the Toolbox, Inventory, contains My Models and Free Models. You'll probably use this tab a lot more often than Official Sets.

My Models displays all the models that your account owns. You can purchase models in the Catalog for free.

Free Models displays every model created on Finobe that is free to take. Free Models has a search bar, allowing you to search for specific models.

Creating Models

To create a model, select the model in Finobe Studio, right-click on it in Workspace, and click Save at the bottom of the menu.

You can also use File > Publish Selection if you want.
Save model.png
You'll then be greeted with this window. Click create to upload a new model, or click update to update an existing model that you've already created.
Model upload 2.png
It costs 5 Dius to create a new model. Fill out the form, then click publish. If you check Make this model publicly usable, anyone will be able to use your model. If you leave it unchecked, only you can use it.
Upload model window.png