Trading is a site feature on Finobe.

You can trade Limiteds and Uniques with other players to make a profit.

How To Send a Trade

To send a trade to another user, go to their profile and click the trade button.


Clicking trade will open a trade window with that user. You can select up to six items to send to that user, and up to six items to request from that user. When you select multiple items, it will add up their total value and display it above all the items.


When you are ready to send the trade, click the send trade button at the bottom of the page.


The user that you sent the trade will receive a notification in their Trades page that they have received a new trade from you. They can choose to either accept the trade, or decline it.

Viewing Your Trades

If you would like to view your trades, click the Trades button at the top of the page. If you have a pending trade from a user, there will be a notification to the right of the button.


Here, you can view your full history of trades with other users, view pending trades from other users and accept or decline them, and you can also revoke trades that you have sent to other users.